A Message From Our President

This season has presented the Board of Directors with many unprecedented challenges. One of the challenges currently facing the group is our inability to really have any active members in 2020. With no active members, it is not possible to have elections as directed in our By-laws. To maintain continuity as we try to reopen the theater for the 2021 season, the Board of Directors has decided to extend all current officers’ terms into next season. The 2020 season will not count towards service limits for any of the Board positions.


Timothy Bean

President, The Dramateurs, Inc. at the Barn Playhouse

A Special Message From Our Board of Directors

Over the past months, we have witnessed the devastating and cruel effects of racism and prejudice. These actions have challenged our very beliefs, ideals and values. We can no longer ignore the effects of such acts on our society and on our way of life. Each of us must look within ourselves and work hard to ensure that the organizations in which we work reflect the elements of respect and compassion that make for a strong and productive society.  


In contrast to the racism and prejudice we have seen, we have also witnessed individuals of courage and strength as they came together to stand against it. President Obama said “We are the change that we seek.”  We, the members of the Dramateurs, have been and will continue to be committed to standing against inequality, racism, and intolerance in all its forms. It is our goal to continue to create a welcoming organization, where the vision, talents and abilities of each and every member are valued. To those among us who face discrimination, intolerance and racism, please know that we stand with you, now and forever. As we move toward the future, The Barn Playhouse will strive to be a place where compassion, community and acceptance continue to be part of our guiding mission.  


In Solidarity,


The Dramateurs, Inc.
Board of Directors

 Our 2020 Season

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regarding our 2020 season.

We Still Need Your Help

During these trying times of the COVID 19 pandemic The Dramateurs, like many other community and professional theaters, rely on the support of the community now more than ever. Please consider making a donation to The Barn Playhouse during this time.   Your generous donation can go a long way to helping us offset the loss of revenue during this period of social distancing and business closings. We will also use your tax-deductible donation to make improvements and updates to our historic building.   


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