Committee Chairs

The following members have been approved to serve as committee chairs.


2020 - Our 86th Season

Barn (facilities) - Tim Bean

Box Office - Eileen Ciccarone and Doug Smith

Business & Finance - John Henken

Costumes - Jeanine Brotherston-Braak

Education - Diane Henken

Hair & Make-Up - Sharon Mauch

House - Steve DiNenno

Lights & Sound - Steve DiNenno and Tom Lamphere

Membership - Paul Recupero and Jen Marshall

Play Production - Eileen Ciccarone

Props - Maureen Scallatino

Publicity - Marianne DiNenno

Social - Rory Zummo

Stage - Marianne DiNenno and Rory Zummo

Ways & Means - Michael Riggs


Committee Chair Liaison -  Steve DiNenno, Recording Secretary

Newsletter -  Marianne DiNenno, Corresponding Secretary

Website Maintenance -  Marianne DiNenno

Broadway, A Celebration - August 2009

The Dramateurs, Inc. 
is a member of the 
American Association of Community Theatre.

The Barn Playhouse is owned and operated by The Dramateurs, Inc.    a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation.