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August 16 - 8:00 pm
August 17 - 8:00 pm

  August 23 - 8:00 pm*

August 24 - 8:00 pm

August 25 - 2:00 pm

August 30 - 8:00 pm

August 31 - 8:00 pm

*Talk Back Session after the performance.

Produced through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

"One of Broadway's all-time greats, with more kick than
most other shows combined."

- Time Out New York 

A Chorus Line examines one day in the lives of seventeen dancers, all vying for a spot in the “chorus line” of a Broadway musical. After the first round of cuts, Zach, the director and choreographer, asks each dancer to speak about themselves. Discomfort opens into revelation, confession leads to redemption, and within the bright, outwardly homogenous chorus, the audience begins to see each dancer’s individuality. From Cassie, the star who just needs the “music and the mirror and the chance to dance,” to Val, a small-town girl with a brand-new big-town body, to Mike, who took his sister’s place in dance class, saying “I can do that.”


Based on real Broadway dancers’ stories, as told to fellow dancer and choreographer Michael Bennett, A Chorus Line is funny, heartbreaking, and refreshingly honest.

Book by James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by Edward Kleban
Conceived Michael Bennett



Tom Tansey as Zach
Natalie Starr as Lori

Sandy Lawler as Cassie
Tara Feathers as Sheila

Amanda Romig as Val

Ragan Yates as Diana

Katie Sacco as Judy

Sarah Rodgers as Kristine

Maddi Sloan as Maggie

Kayla Smull as Bebe

Kit Niesen as Connie

Richard Steinhardt as Mike

Will Scantling as Richie

Andrew Shepard as Don

Nick Adinolfi as Paul

Kellen Wise as Mark

John Mueller as Bobby 

Kieran Cunningham as Greg

Connor Wells as Al

Dance Core/Ensemble:

Emily Beck

Rebecca Gomezrueda

Lisa McBrearty

Kathleen VanNewkirk

Cecilia Haubold


Director:  Steve DiNenno

Producers:  Marianne DiNenno, Diane Henken

Assistant Director:  Marianne DiNenno

Music Director:  Laura Burhans

Pit Conductor: Barbara Newberry

Choreographers:  Shelli Pentimall Bookler, Diane Hodgkiss

Dance Captain: Natalie Starr

Stage Manager: Denise Kolodziej

Costumes: Eileen Ciccarone

Props: Marianne DiNenno, Steve DiNenno

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