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Monsters of Broadway Logo.jpg

2019 Fundraiser

October 18 & 19

8:00 pm

An All-Villain Song Showcase

The monsters are coming!!  

The “Monsters of Broadway” is a musical revue featuring songs from Broadway’s biggest monsters & villains!  A cast of wonderfully talented singers will present a night of music from some of Broadway’s biggest musicals including Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Jekyll & Hyde: The MusicalLittle Shop of Horrors, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and many more!  


Make your plans now to join us….or are you too scared??

Proceeds benefit our Capital Improvement Fund. 


Cayce Farina
Natalie DiNenno 
A.J. Tantala
Joseph Billetta
Brittany Recupero
Maddi Sloan 
Michael Riggs 
Paul Recupero 
Tom Lamphere 
Meghan Chambers 
Justin Lamphere 
Erin Maguire


Director:  Tom Lamphere

Producer: John Henken
Choreographer: Meghan Chambers
Stage Manager:  Hope Mauch

Lighting: Marianne DiNenno

Sound: Steve DiNenno

Box Office: Eileen Ciccarone, Doug Smith
Publicity: Marianne DiNenno

House: Denise Kolodziej

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