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The Great All-American Disaster Musical

Two of America's most popular playwrights team up for the first time to create this tale of an unscrupulous movie producer who insidiously cons six major stars (via six different scripts) into believing they are each the star of an upcoming movie, and by crafty shooting-schedules keeps them fooled until the movie's made. The songs and characters are a spoof of a typical Hollywood cast of characters and include a conceited leading man, a not-so-smart blonde bombshell and an egotistical movie director.

Book by Tim Kelly
Music and Lyrics by Jack Sharkey

Presented with permission of Samuel French, Inc.


Pete Haas as JUNIOR DOVER, JUNIOR - a scheming Hollywood film producer whose last picture was “Zombies of the Stratosphere” and even the zombies walked out

Liz Wheeler as ETHEL KENT - his faithful secretary and jack-of-all-trades

Andrea Kalan as GINGER McGREGOR - his rather-literary (and literal) receptionist

Maureen Scallatino as SYLVIA METROLAND - a glitsy Tinseltown gossip columnist

Patrina Harding as APASSIONATA ABALONE - former Queen of the Silent Movies

Roseann Pignoli as BABY BERNICE BUMBLE - a “cutesy,” talentless, tap dancing "child" star

Madison Sloan as GEE-GEE FONTAINE - deliriously good looking body by Venus, voice by chipmunk

Jim Hopper as BOB EVERLOVE - yet another deliriously good looking, one-man love affair

Chris Exley as THEO BARTOK - a longtime horror-flick menace

Clark Van Hekken as FLINT WORMWOOD - a super-macho movie star

Tom Stumme as PLATO VOLTAIRE - a beret wearing, movie director hack; a one-man love affair

Gary Bullock, Abigail Morgan, Amy Peart, Michael Warren, Chris Waters as TOUR GUIDE/TOURISTS - stereotypical group of Hawaiian shirt wearing, camera toting individuals who arrive promptly at 10am



Director: Mary Fitzgerald
Producer: Leslie Hopper

Music Director: Lauren Exley

Choreographer: Trina Wu

Set Design: Glen Eric Reed

Sound Design: Jim Balcerek

Light Design: Michael Fitzgerald