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Photos courtesy of
Steve DiNenno
& Rory Zummo.






Everyone's favorite orphan is center stage in this standing room only musical.  Deserted in a hard knock orphanage, Annie escapes to an easier life during the Great Depression, where tomorrow is always brighter because of hope.  Finally, landing into the arms of millionaire Daddy Warbucks, the musical is a whirl of adventures as Annie charms the entire country and the hearts of all those who come to know her.

Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Martin Charnin
Book by Thomas Meehan



Erica Mabry as Molly
Sasha Dubyk as Pepper
Megan Brooks as Duffy
Amanda Steckerl as July
Heather McConnell as Tessie
Kelly Moyer as Kate
Kelly Leonard as Annie
Emily Kuykendall as Gert
Ashley Arnold as Shelly
Erica Cianciulli as Mandy
Rory Zummo as Miss Hannigan
Andrew Bradstreet as Bundles McCloskey
Sandi Liberatori as the Apple Seller
Andrew Bradstreet as the Assistant Dog Catcher
Jon Bradstreet as the Dog Catcher
Keating as Sandy
Tony Reisinger as Lieutenant Ward
Dan Fazzini as Artie
Jayne Burt as Mary
Beverly Kuykendall as Sophie
Andrew Bradstreet as the Drunk
Mia Rotondo as the Lady Drunk
Payson Burt as Ira
Paul Coppa as Fred
Eva Kuykendall as Peggy
Amy Wojton as One More Name
Tony Reisinger as the Announcer
Susan Furst as Grace Farrell
Jon Bradstreet as Drake
Sandi Liberatori as Mrs. Greer
Beverly Kuykendall as Mrs. Pugh
Eva Kuykendall as Cecille
Amy Wojton as Annette
David Fazzini as Oliver Warbucks
Paul Coppa as the Chauffeur
Julie Mason as Star-To-Be
Chuck Wilson as Rooster Hannigan
Shanna Longo as Lily St. Regis
Beverly Kuykendall as the Sound Effects Girl
Jon Bradstreet as Fred McCracken
Tony Reisinger as Bert Healy
Mia Rotondo as Ronnie Boylen
Amy Wojton as Bonnie Boylen
Julie Mason as Connie Boylen
Dan Fazzini as President Franklin Roosevelt
Andrew Bradstreet as Louis Howe
Payson Burt as Harold Ickes
Sandi Liberatori as Frances Perkins
Tony Reisinger as Hull
Paul Coppa as Morganthau
Eva Kuykendall as the Secretary
Paul Coppa as Judge Brandeis


Director:  Rory Zummo
Co-Directors:  Chuck Wilson, Mia Rotondo
Assistant:  Susan Furst
Music Director:  Nancy Chronister
Orphan's Choreography:  Catherine Cianciulli
Stage Manager:  Julie Mason
Set Running Crew:  Lise Sene and Members of the Cast
Master Carpenter:  Tim Bean
Set Construction:  Andrew Bradstreet, Jon Bradstreet, Mike Brooks, Payson Burt, Paul Coppa, Steve DiNenno, Dan Fazzini, David Fazzini, Beverly Kuykendall, Eva Kuykendall, Emily Kuykendall, Sandi Liberatori, Julie Mason, Cathy McConnell, Heather McConnell, Mason McConnell, Ron McConnell, Tony Reisinger, Mia Rotondo, Chuck Wilson, Amy Wojton, Rory Zummo
Costumes:  Jayne Burt, Beverly Burt
Lights & Sound:  Tim Bean
Photography:  Rory Zummo
Program:  Steve DiNenno


Under the direction of Nancy Chronister

Piano:  Laura Burhans
Flute:  Amanda Frisch
Clarinet/Saxophone:  Concetta Laskey
Violin:  Ken Laskey, Bethanne Giampa, Andrew Giampa
Percussion:  Ron McConnell
Bass:  Dan Dubyk

Special Thanks

Barbara Butler
Fran Doyle
John Doyle
Marianne DiNenno
Kate McLenigan
Tim Orner
BJ Schmalbach
The parents of all of the "orphans" who supported our efforts.