June 2003
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The Hot L Baltimore

The scene is the lobby of a rundown hotel so seedy that it has lost the "e" from its marquee. As the action unfolds, the residents meet and talk and interact with each other during the course of one day. The drama is of passing events in their lives, of everyday encounters and of the human comedy, with conversations often overlapping into a contrapuntal musical flow.

By Lanford Wilson


Eric Jarrell as Bill
Jeff Wu as Paul
Nick Martorelli as Jamie
Nat Jones as Mr. Morse
Glen Eric Reed as Mr. Katz
Kelley Baker as Girl
Renee Stansbury as April
Deb Braak as Millie
Alicia Marion as Jackie
Zoe Metcalf-Klaw as Suzy
Amy Dickinson as Mrs. Oxenham
Cier Rice as Mrs. Bellotti
Steve Schulz as Suzy's John
Bill Braak as Cab Driver
David Braak as Pizza Delivery


Director:  Aaron Gould
Assistant Director:  Steve Schulz
Executive Producer:  Robin Zibel
Producer:  Cheryl Balas
Dramaturg:  Deb Braak
Set Designer:  Colleen Marie Simpson
Lighting Designer:  Mohammed Shaarani
Sound Designer:  Glen Eric Reed
Lighting Technician:  Dave Braak
Sound Technician:  Josh Gould 
Board Liaisons:  Marianne DiNenno, Eileen Ciccarone 
Stage Crew:  Robin Zibell 
Costumes:  Robin Zibell, Cheryl Balas
Mural:  Dennis Lingg 
Photography/Lobby Decor:  Cheryl Balas
Program:  Glen Eric Reed, Cheryl Balas
Publicity:  Steve DiNenno 
Box Office:  Eileen Ciccarone
House:  Gloria Humphrey

Special Thanks

Forge Theatre 
The Prop Shop, Inc. 
Bil Katrina
Baldini's Pizza Shop