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The Man Who Came To Dinner

While on a lecture tour, Sheridan Whiteside accepts an invitation to dine with the Stanleys. The Stanleys meet him and his secretary at the train station and drive them to their home. While Mrs. Stanley coos over Whiteside, he showers her with condescending sarcasm. However, as he's walking toward the house he slips on the ice, hurting his leg badly. As he's carried inside, he threatens a lawsuit. The Stanleys, frightened by the threats, accommodate Whiteside's outlandish wishes, throwing the household into pandemonium.

By George Kaufman and Moss Hart


Ben Hynson as Sheridan Whiteside
Maria Jarrell as Maggie Cutler
Alicia Marion as Lorraine Sheldon
Eric Jarrell as Bert Jefferson
Danielle Flick as Miss Preen
Bob Patey as Professor Metz
Brian Schwartz as Beverly Carlton
Rob Dayoc as Banjo
Brenda Hunsberger as Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley
Bill Engle as Mr. Ernest W. Stanley
R. Jack Hale as Dr. Bradley
Bridget Dougherty as Harriet Stanley
Geoff Bentley as Richard Stanley
Emily James as June Stanley
Michelle Miller as Mrs. Dexter
Denise Katrina as Mrs. McCutcheon
Jim Hopper as John
Lisa Saleema Blanton as Sarah
Greg O'Connor as Sandy
David Moyer as Mr. Baker, Deputy, and Radio Tech
Stacey McLean as Westcott, Expressman, Plainclothesman, and Prisoner


Director:  Bil Katrina 
Producer:  Brian Schwartz 
Master Carpenter:  Mike Dobbins 
Costume Designer:  Eileen Ciccarone 
Lighting Designer:  Tom Dinnella 
Art Director/Scenic Painter:  Bill Bourne 
Lighting Desk Operator:  Brian Hangey 
Technical Assistant:  Leo Desrosiers 
Properties Master:  Paul Bronson 
Playbill Designer:  Jeannette Patey 
Stage Manager/Bookholder:  Gloria Humphrey 
Assistant Stage Manager:  Shannon Humphrey 
Carpenter/Running Crew Chief:  Frank Humphrey 
Makeup/Hair Designer:  Sharon Hale