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Photos courtesy of
Rory Zummo.





Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is the tale of twin brothers separated as babies to grow up in very different circumstances. In early childhood the two boys meet, never guessing that they are twins. As they grow up, their lives become ever more entwined even to the point of sharing the same affections. 

By Willy Russell


Tom Lamphere as Narrator
Suzanne Smart as Mrs. Johnstone
Susan Furst as Mrs. Lyons
Chris Haig as Mr. Johnstone
Rob Dayoc as Policeman
Lucy Tobin as Donna Marie/Miss Jones
Mia Rotondo as Rich Neighbor
Chuck Wilson as Mickey
Mark Ayers as Eddie
Jeff Wise as Sammy
Kate McLenigan as Linda
Keith Straw as Mr. Lyons

Other roles played by:

Chris Haig, Lucy Tobin, Rob Dayoc, Mia Rotondo


Director:  Rory Zummo 
Musical Director:  Laura Burhans

Rave Reviews for "Blood Brothers"

Gary Puleo, The Times Herald: "Director Rory Zummo's stingingly intelligent, sensitive approach, several astounding performances ... a group of exceedingly gifted artists."

Dante J.J. Bevilacqua, Ticket (Montgomery Newspapers): "Casting Chuck Wilson and Mark Ayers as the twin brothers was a brilliant move by Director Rory Zummo. Zummo matches her two-of-a-kind with a full house ... the talented Suzanne Smart, ... Tom Lamphere as the Narrator abounds in eerie gusto, ... Jeff Wide does accomplished work as Sammy and Lucy Tobin, Mia Rotondo and Kate McLenigan fill in the female roles with enthusiasm. Susan Furst and Keith Straw leave strong impressions...."