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Photos courtesy of
Marianne DiNenno.





A Few Good Men

When two marines are charged with murdering a member of their platoon during an unsanctioned disciplinary action in Guantanamo Bay, the armed forces hire a lieutenant they believe is a lightweight defense attorney. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee prides himself in having successfully plea-bargained every one of his 44 cases and would just as well make this one his 45th. However, ambitious internal affairs officer Lieutenant Commander Joanne Galloway smells a rat in the form of a hushed-up practice known as Code Red, and gets hired as the younger cadet's defender. Aided by Lt. Com. Galloway's prodding, Lt. Kaffee begins to realize the rottenness of the whole affair and sets to take on the whole Guantanamo Bay marine corps and its codes, a decision that makes inevitable a ferocious head-to-head showdown with an immovable force. Irascible Colonel Nathan Jessup heads the Cuban marine base and is on the cusp of appointment to the National Security Council. 

By Aaron Sorkin


Greg Seibert as Lance Cpl. Dawson
Ralph Cahill as Pfc. Downey
John Nahrgang as MP
Steve Schulz as Lt. Weinberg
Steve DiNenno as Lt. Kaffee
Wendy Cantor as Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway
Nancy Kadwill as Capt. Eileen Whitaker
Rusty Muglia as Capt. Markinson
Derek Staranowski as Pfc. Santiago
Lou Wheeler as Lt. Col. Nathan Jessup
Clem Mirto as Lt. Kendrick
John Westerfer as Lt. Jack Ross
Kevin Schanely as Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard
Cynthia Wirth as Capt. Julia Alexandra Randolph
Glenn Haig as Cmdr. Walter Stone
Brian Schwartz as Records Clerk


Co-Producers:  Anna Marie DePaul, Dana DePaul
Director:  Nancy Wismer
Assistant Director:  Marianne DiNenno
Stage Manager:  Lee Hanel
Stage Crew:  Nancy Kadwill, Brian Schwartz
Set Design:  Steve DiNenno
Master Carpenter:  John Westerfer
Set Decoration:  Rusty Muglia
Set Construction:  Ken Brown, Lance Clark, Val Cucinotta, Marianne DiNenno, Steve DiNenno, Glenn Haig, Lee Hanel, Nancy Kadwill, Steve Schulz, John Westerfer, Cynthia Wirth
Costume Coordinator:  Anna Marie DePaul
Lighting Design: Michael Ciccarone, Karen Gresh
Light Board Operator: Michael Ciccarone
Sound:  Marianne DiNenno
Program:  Marianne DiNenno
Cast Photos:  Rory Zummo
Box Office:  Fran Doyle
Consultants:  John Nahrgang, Lou SanFelice

Special Thanks

Methacton Community Theater
Marine Corps. League
Philadelphia Naval Base - Capt. Tom Reynolds and Company
Montgomeryville Army-Navy Surplus Store
Lonnie Cooper, J.R. Roach
Ken Brown
Peter Stefanek
Major R. B. Throm
Ex-Marine Michael Manzo
Jay Harro
Lou SanFelice